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I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all my clients who have shown such great care and patience during my wonderful Father's recent illness, and your loving support following his transition to join my Mother and our beloved animal friends over Rainbow Bridge. It was he who taught me all about Nature and instilled a deep love and respect for all living things, and encouraged & supported me in my Animal Communication and healing work.
My sincere wish it to be able to offer similar loving comfort to you.
Bless you all. x
 Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge 
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.  All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigour; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.  They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.  You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.  Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....  Author unknown... 
Pet Loss Bereavement Card
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Help During the Grieving Process
If you are grieving the loss of a beloved animal friend, there are a number of things you can do to help yourself. Not everyone understands the strong connection we can have with animals and therefore the depth of grief we can feel when they pass over to Spirit. "It was only a cat / dog / bird" really doesn't help; neither does "Just go out and get another one". Grief for the loss of an animal is every bit as valid as grief for a human, and should never be underestimated. There is no set time limit for recovery - we all heal at different paces.

The Homeopathic remedy Ignatia is wonderful for helping to ease the pain of separation, that feeling of being overwhelmed, when we feel we cannot stop crying. It does not work like an anti-depressant - it helps your heart to heal and gently supports us through the grieving process. It is natural, safe, non-addictive, has no side effects and can be used safely alongside other medication. And it's safe to use for ALL the family including grieving pets.
If you have been grieving a long time or feel "stuck" in grief, shock or guilt, a consultation with a fully qualified Homeopath is wholeheartedly recommended.

Pet Bereavement Support Service
If you feel you have no-one to talk to, or worry about upsetting others also affected by your bereavement it is worth knowing that the Blue Cross offers a pet bereavement support service. Contact them on 0800 0966606 (UK)

Likewise cats Protection offer a Grief Support Service offering advice and support not only for bereavement, but also missing pets, and the sadness of having to give up your pets for any reason. Their confidential line is available 9-5 Monday - Friday on 0800 0249494 (UK) or

Practical Tasks
Create a "Memory Box". Immediately following bereavement is not a time to make decisions. If you don't know what to do with your pet's belongings, but seeing them around is adding to your pain, collect them all together and place them in a special box. Decorate it or place a picture of your friend on the lid. Encourage your children to be involved in this process, and as you place the items in the box, talk about the special memories each item evokes. It may help to write these special memories down, as it can be a comfort as time passes to revisit the box, remind yourself of the happy times and the funny little unique ways your friend had. This can be a very cathartic, healing process, and I personally recommend it.

Candle Ceremony
If you visit any of the Rainbow Bridge websites you will learn of the Monday Night Rainbow Bridge Candle Ceremony. At 8pm every Monday evening we light a candle to our loved ones waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge, and speak their name(s). It can also be a very comforting ritual, and nothing bad will happen if you forget occasionally!

Animal Communication (of course!)
Having one last message from your friend in Spirit can be extremely comforting. Many people contact me wracked with grief or guilt over their pet's passing, but believe me, once they are out of their pain & suffering most animals are extremely forgiving and understanding. Since Animal Communication is a telepathic process and does not rely on a "physical" presence, it is possible to pass & receive messages after an animal crosses the Bridge. I will update this page whenever an animal gives me interesting insights into their next life, and the whole process of living and dying. I learn such a lot from them!

To book a communication see Services, Communication by Photo.

Or why not join Clare's brand new workshop - Beyond Rainbow Bridge? See full details on Workshops & Events.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of the soul remains unawakened
Anatole France
In Loving Memory 
It is still possible to connect with the spirit or energy of your pet even after it has left their physical body. Some of these communications took place within days of passing over, some years later.
Animals have given me a wonderful insight into life over Rainbow Bridge, and tender words of incredible wisdom regarding life, illness and death. These messages are all in the words given to me by the animals themselves. I hope you find them comforting.
Lovely Blackie, the cat who started my "career" in Animal Communication, passed over to Spirit in October 2008. The sweetest, most patient cat, who endured his blindness with courage and dignity, and helped us learn a lot about the resilience and adaptability of animals in the most difficult circumstances. He also taught us to never give up hope of reuniting with lost loved ones. Scampering happily now over Rainbow Bridge. I love you Blackie, thank you, bless you and I hope we meet again. 
Blackie's (AKA Samson) Story(From the Sunderland Echo Newspaper)
A family's cat which was missing for more than a year is back home – thanks to Wearside's answer to Dr Dolittle, a caring charity and the Echo.
Blackie went missing in December 2006 when his owners went on holiday.Their daughter was looking after him while they were away, but Blackie went out for a wander and never returned home. But a couple of months ago the family saw an article in the Echo about animal communicator Clare Metcalf, who claims she can talk to animals by connecting with their brainwaves. Clare, of Philadelphia, works with cat rescue charity Feline Friends, talking to the cats to find out their background and to see if anything is wrong with them. The story told of her latest case, a black cat who had been found wandering about on Grindon Lane – and it turned out to be Blackie. From connecting with him, she found he had been involved in a car accident which had left him blind. A said: "My daughter saw the article in the paper and she said she was sure it was Blackie." The family got in touch with Feline Friends, and Gillian Connor, who runs the organisation, brought him to their house – and despite being missing for more than a year, they knew instantly it was him. A added: "I never gave up hope that we would find him, even after all this time. "He's such a lovely cat. We've had him since he was a kitten and he's 11 now. He's doing champion. We're so happy to have him back." Gillian said: "I was astonished. It's extremely rare to find a cat's owners, I think we have had only three or four cases in five years." Clare, who has since connected with Blackie through a photograph, says he is delighted to back home with his "mum".
 The full article contains 329 words and appears in n/a newspaper.
Smudge - passed to Spirit August 2008
"Life goes on – and on. I cannot be replaced any more than they can. If they need companionship then they must take it. BUT, it must be a fellow in need. Not some spoiled, diseased pedigree. It’s important to give back in remembrance of me. Rescue your next companion in my memory.
 Everyone must move on from a passing over. It’s not Death as you know it. It’s not an END; it’s a BEGINNING – a new life, a new existence, a new way of being, for everyone, not just the Soul that passes over. Things are not meant to stay the same forever.
I will still try to visit you when I can. You can call me to you and I will always try to be there, but we all must move on. You must not put your life on hold for me. We will be re-united in Spirit one day. It’s what happens – we re-unite with everyone who meant something special to us. Those we loved and those who helped us learn & grow. It’s not The End.
You have much love in your hearts and must not wall it off for protection. You must share it. It would betray my memory more if you DIDN’T  do that because I tried to teach you about unconditional love for All creatures, not just humans. Untainted, pure love. Don’t keep that to yourself. I still love you as you still love me. Nothing can change that.
All the stuff from my last days is irrelevant. It is forgotten. I am well, and rested, and whole. You did what you thought best, well intentioned & out of love, so there is nothing to apologise for. REALLY. You must stop the self-analysis and self-flagellation. It does not honour my memory. If you really need my forgiveness you have it though there is nothing to forgive. Why forgive love? Seems strange to me.
It is all pre-ordained who we are with through life. We were meant to be together and I trusted you implicitly.
Tell Mummy & Daddy THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. It was all as it should be. I love them very much and it saddens me that they dwell on the negativity of my passing when we had 12 years of happiness. PLEASE turn your attention back to that."
Max - passed to Spirit November 2008
"Time heals all sorrows. Bits break off our hearts and leave them scarred or misshapen, but you must never LOSE heart. Life, and love go on."
"There’s no such thing as 'death'. It’s just like me being in another room – still there, but you can’t hug me. No biggie. Hug each other instead. Hug what’s in THIS room, don’t pine for what’s in the next."
Rosie - passed to Spirit December 27 2008
Rosie was most insistent I mention Nana Pink Slippers! She accurately described her Human companion's grandmother and their tea-time habits, the flowers that were brought after Rosie passed, (this is confirmed on the Testimonials page!) and her other Nana who now looks after her in heaven. She asked her humans to get another puppy in honour of her, and to plant a fragranced rose bush. "I love you lots and lots. Don't cry for me. I'm very well and happy & can run properly again, not off to one side like before (and I've lost a bit of weight off my rump too!)"
Sacha - passed to Spirit 7 January 2009
Over the months that Sacha's health deteriorated we became close friends. She endured her illness with quiet dignity and eventually asked for help to cross over the Bridge, and the vet was able to perform this last wish at home. I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to connect with her again once her Spirit had settled into heavenly existence. Sacha particularly wished to thank her human companion for respecting her wishes.
"Tell her how much I love her and respect her for everything she did for me. She improved what quality of life I had left and gave me the extra time I asked for. That's true love and I will always love her....she still misses me but I am all around her - she only has to call me to her and I am there."
Marbles - Passed to Spirit 6 November 2008
"I miss Mummy's hands - her physical touch but nothing else as I can see her and feel her spirit whenever I want. She can too if she concentrates hard enough & takes attention away from those spoiled brats (the other guinea pigs!) We had...a heart to heart bond that cannot be broken. We won't be re-united because we can't be separated. I'm right here".
My own cat, Lucy at this point said, "His role in this life was teacher / educator. To teach about guinea pig needs, psychology, health issues but also their GLOBAL needs - the need to run free and live life as Great Spirit intended".
Marbles continued: "Yes, we make wonderful companions and no you can't release the captive bred ones straight back into the wild as they have no knowledge of predators. Highlight the needs of our wild cousins and prevent overbreeding of the captive animals. Redress the balance. Ask Mummy to research my wild cousins and do what she can to help them. Tell  her I will be at her side at the computer and guiding her hand....ask her to do it in my honour, in my name, a webpage just for me - Marbles Guinea Pig Rescue and Rehabilitation! I love her in my heart always as she does me. Love endures forever".
Gizmo - passed to Spirit October 2008
"Tell Mum  I love her. I am only a thought away. I'm in every breeze that brushes her legs, I hear every whistle. I'm always around to listen to her and if she listens hard, in her heart, she will hear me reply."
Gabby - in Spirit 6 April 09
I’m all better now! All better! Tell Mum I feel better now than I have in ages. Nothing hurts! Oh, there’s nothing to be scared of in leaving behind a broken down body that isn’t working properly. It’s great! No pain, no restlessness, no breathlessness, just feeling in Tip Top condition! Who wouldn’t want this?
We will all be together again some day. Don’t put your lives on hold till then. Live life to the full and bring all your experiences with you. Then we will be together forever. Our hearts already are. I love my family very much.
Storm - in Spirit 5th Feb 09
I was her Princess and now I’m her Angel – but not a person with wings – a proper Guardian Angel, protector, happiness maker, love giver. Not like in story books – she knows, she understands.
My ashes – they’re bigger than she thought but not as big as my personality & the hole I left behind. Remind her THAT’S NOT ME. She doesn’t need to talk to them. She can talk to me anytime & I’m here. I know the picture is also special to her, in the silver frame. I’m not just in images, I’m everywhere.
Heaven’s great! It’s fine. I have everything I need but I need to know my Mum’s going to be ok. Tell her I love her and will always watch over her. I’m not dog-shaped anymore but my heart will never change.
Milly passed to Spirit 10 July 09
I wish humans could sense & feel our presence the way animals and plants do. There are no endings – we carry on in different formats but it’s still “us”. Earth experience helps us grow, develop our wisdom, get closer to “perfection”. Lessons learned, wisdom exchanged. Growth and development. NOT birth and death. That sounds so final and short lived and our existence is not like that at all. That’s why animals do not fear “Death”, because it’s only a transition. We fear pain and suffering but not the ecstasy of the transition. Please make sure people know this.
Don’t fear the physical “death” – just try to avoid the suffering and pain if it’s unnecessary. I questioned the inevitable fear of prey animals being hunted and killed. Animals don’t prolong suffering in their prey. They help them exit swiftly whenever possible. I was a great hunter and I know this to be true. The transition was always swift.
This is not to say help them exit before their time. Please don’t misinterpret my words. No. Do not CAUSE suffering, with ill-treatment, inappropriate foods & drugs, lack of exercise and freedom.
Fern Passed to Spirit 3 Oct 07
(communication Dec 09)
I’m a busy girl. I’m a greeter. I welcome souls in to Heaven, human and animal. I suppose you’d call me a golden angel (my Mum did anyway!) If you want to picture me with little golden wings growing out of my shoulder blades you can but it’s really not like that! It’s a ranking. You earn your position here in Heaven and I’m being rewarded for a life well lived on Earth in bodily form.
I was a wonderful companion, a friend, a listening ear and a healer. The resonance of my purr was tremendously healing and I still use my resonance now to heal souls as they arrive...
We forget our transition very quickly, unlike the ones left behind...
We often stop eating when our time is due, it merely speeds the process with the least suffering. If we continue to take in energy the body hangs around and cannot release the Spirit to return Home. I stopped eating because I was ready to go Home. It certainly was not in protest at anything my Mum did.
I think she took it personally but I have to say – one’s transition is the one thing that is truly ours. It is right we let it be OUR way. The one time we must put everyone else and their emotions aside and fly back Home – Bliss.
Willow - Transitioned 14 Oct 09
(communication Feb 10)
When you are finally reunited with your Mum... she’s concerned you may not recognise each other. Now then. You are getting confused about what happens here. When we cross over we recognise the Spirit. The Heart-Connection. Not physical features. Some of us may have many incarnations and connect to many other souls. Do you think we only connect to one lifetime’s souls? No. We re-connect with ALL our soul-mates, our heart mates. She doesn’t need to be looking for a cat. We will find each other, like our hearts have little radars. I can’t describe it and you can’t comprehend it, but just trust me, it happens.
Tribute to Blackberry, a Very Special Rabbit who taught on one of Amelia Kinkade's seminars. I had the honour of speaking with him prior to the seminar and a couple of times afterwards. This message was given to me after he suddenly transitioned to Spirit.
But you know what? I got my opportunity to be a teacher and I think I was good at it! You were, Blackberry, you were an excellent teacher, and I was very proud of you that day.
I fulfilled my destiny and all those people now KNOW that animals can talk and have intelligent thoughts and reasonings.
I was very lucky to get the chance to fulfil my destiny and you must thank that pretty lady with the strange voice for me (Amelia). She was sad, but she was still a very good teacher – like me!...
I still teach. I teach the ones who are going on to an Earthly existence. (I believe Blackberry meant animals who are already in heaven and are about to be re-incarnated back on earth). There will be more and more (animals) willing and ready to communicate and open humans minds. This is a time of great shifts and revelations. Humans have ruined Nature for long enough. We are taking some of the control back – in a good way, not autonomous...
We animals are all sensitive to electromagnetic energy. Humans think they are immune but it’s slowly killing and mutating them. Left to our own devices all animals would live away from electrical sources except those provided by nature, and even then we are great respecters of it.
Do you have any advice for your family? Lessons to learn? Why, I did my teaching! I suppose in general to be careful about over-breeding and inter-breeding. Too many sick and unhealthy time-bombs of animals roam the earth. Not just pets. Everywhere Man has had an influence. Farming, captivity, for monetary reasons. Shame on them all...
Your Power Animals are always your Power Animals, but we change depending on Your situation and the lessons You need to learn.  New ones can come in for that particular lesson but they just join your family of Guides. Guides never leave you. But sometimes someone else is better equipped to teach a certain lesson. Again – do not search for me on your journeys as you may miss your perfect messenger and stop the flow. When you truly need me and my message, I will be there.
Now then – message wise!
* To all of you - live together in harmony and do not deny Nature.
* Be kind, but not to your own detriment.
* Never lower your standards for anyone else. The only respect you need is your own Self respect. When that is gone nothing else is relevant or can restore it.
* Be true to yourselves –always.
* Love and cherish your loved ones as if this is the last time you meet – for it may be.
* Don’t be disrespectful but do not raise anyone higher than they deserve to be – the sands will shift and restore them to their rightful place.
* Play, love, laugh, carry joy in your hearts and do not weep for me. I am tremendously happy. We will all be reunited at some point. And Spirit recognises Spirit, as heart recognises heart.
Why would I separate advice for “Animals” and “Humans”? We are all EQUAL and all capable of the same emotions and ethics.
Blackberry in Spirit 17 Nov 09

* All stories and quotes shared with the kind permission of the humans who cared for these wonderful animals.