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This page will be used to add important messages from the animals, and will be updated regularly. These may be to do with animal welfare, their own important issues, even global issues. I am honoured to have been chosen by these animals to hear their important words and I feel a great responsibility to ensure as many people as possible hear them.
Please visit often, to be enlightened by their wisdom.
The messages are always written in the animals' words, and with the kind permission of their humans and the animals themselves.
Magical Matilda
Matilda was once a Witches cat, and she continues to work her magic by the light of the moon.
"At times I need to feel the moonbeams on my coat to energise me and the ground beneath my feet to ground me. I take my guidance from moon energy and garden sprites..."
April 09
"I am working with the Nature Devas. We are trying to re-harmonise the planet, ecologically. You will hear news of creatures that were thought extinct re-emerging from where the sprites and devas had hidden them in safety. It is a time of renewed hope for the future. All things are possible if mankind stops his destructive, egotistical tendencies. There is a real chance for change if we all work together and if man re-establishes his link with nature and the elements. it is happening on a small scale but it is going to speed up - the world is hurtling towards huge changes and wonderful possibilities. It is not "going back to the old times and old ways"; it is acknowledging the wisdom of old, and embracing that into the future without fear of recrimination or ridicule. All things are possible now. My involvement now is in the sorcery - stirring the mix in the cauldron of possibilities.
Tell my story, tell my messages. Spread the word and the hope and the light into the world.
Switzerland is dealing with Switzerland's issues. All is well.
Lulu March 09 (in Spirit 10 years)
My destiny now is to be human. I am a little girl with a wise old woman's head on her shoulders. I think people call us Indigo Children. It makes us sound like a species apart - aliens! We are not strictly connected, any of us. We just had similar prior incarnations. We are not a phenomena. We just ARE. Ask any of us - we are not keen to be categorised. respect us for the individuals we are, we all have our individual paths to follow...
nations who were too keen to run away from traditional ways will continue to suffer.
There is much animal suffering on this planet and everyone has a duty of conscience towards them. Everyone, not just the chosen like you who choose to listen to us and pass on our messages.
Tell my human how much I appreciated all I learned from her and I will be using it ion this lifetime, now she must use her skills and knowledge too. I won't be back as a dog in her lifetime but we will meet day. Love endures through all eternity. Blame, recriminations and guilt do not.
Daq April 09
I was approached to communicate with Daq who lives in the USA. As soon as I opened his photo I dashed off an email begging to communicate with him, because I felt his energy was Shamanic!
"My heritage is part cherokee, part wolf.
I am not bothered about fame. my Mum says I'm incredibly handsome and everyone says I'm photogenic so they use my image, but none of that matters to me.
The soul is all that matters. The physical form is merely the vessel - something to give form to the soul and enable it to travel on the earth.
I have roamed the earth before in differing formats. You recognised me as the Shaman - dressed in brown cloak and sandals, walking with a staff, at one with  Nature and the Bear energy in particular. I lived among them in safety and kinship.
Why has the modern world forgotten its kinship with all living creatures? Why does man assume he has dominion over every other soul? man has said so - that is all. it is a lie. A fabrication for the use of unscrupulous men who feared the power of the animals. Shame on them and shame on anyone who believes them and follows their ways.
Why would brother turn against brother - for food? for clothing? For medicines? Shame on them. Only bad things can happen from such folly. Another's blood to enrich ones own? Foolish!
Observe the animal kingdom. Hunter and hunted. There is no GREED involved. The animal brothers take only what is necessary for survival - no more, no less. The carnivores pick off the small, the weak, the elderly and the lame - why do you think that is? No, not because they are easier to catch. Animals know all the wiles. No - it is - work it out! Those creatures are doomed for survival anyway. It is the order of things, no more, no less.
The creatures who store food do so not from greed but for survival in the lean seasons.
But not all men have the greed and the bloodlust. Changes are afoot. We have watched you destroy the beauty of this world, take, take, take without giving in return, without gratitude to the animals and the crops you sacrifice and plunder.
We are returning - new incarnations - a mind shift. Humans thinking like animals - in the true sense, at last. Our souls cannot stand by any longer and watch man make a mess of things so we are returning to reclaim our planet. every animal killed for the wrong reason now has the choice to return and redress the balance. KINDNESS AND UNDERSTANDING AND AN EFFORT TO EFFECT CHANGE WILL BE REWARDED TENFOLD. CRUELTY, IGNORANCE, EXCUSES - THE SITUATION IS DIRE.
You are  blessed, you are of the chosen few. Chosen to educate the ignorant and the nay-sayers. You choose to lay yourself open to those who would stone you with their words, yet they choose to listen to your story. Continue your storytelling and encourage others to follow you.
I have fulfilled a role in this existence. I have brought great joy and beauty into the lives of my family. I appreciate the care they have shown me and I much enjoy our travels. travelling is in my blood - my Spirit destiny, and unwittingly they fulfil my destiny! They help me see the damage man wreaks on the landscape. I have to make assessments and report back to the council of elders.
I have no pain, no pain at all. We all live with unseen ailments in this incarnation - all of us. because it is pre-ordained what shall end this incarnation and it is nothing to fear.
Tell my story - my true story. Embellish it if you must but make it accessible to all - children especially. Daq the Shaman Cat." I will tell you when Daq's book is published - his human slave is already working on it!