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"As a vet, I have to keep a level head but I admit I've been amazed by some of the things that have happened" E.N. Vet
"She's amazing. the first time I asked her to speak to a cat called M, my jaw dropped. He told her he wanted to sleep on a lilac duvet on top of the wardrobe at one of my foster carers. Clare had never been to the house and couldn't have known it was there. M went on to tell her his life story: he was afraid of men with boots on because he'd been kicked. After Clare gave him distant healing him he was a different cat in no time" G.C. Feline Friends Founder
"I was thrilled to bits to get Blackie back after he'd been missing for a year" A.K.
Thanks again for the wonderful reading – we’re both totally amazed and very comforted to know that Magical Merlin is still very much with us :-). We were stunned with the detail and accuracy with which you described him and his antics. We know every cat is different yet you described him, his pictures, character, likes and dislikes and even his favourite toy – a heart shaped keyring – and the way he really DIDN’T like having his fur combed and fluffy toes played with!!! We know he’s still here playing games… You have such a special gift - thank you so much Clare!  E.E.
Hi Clare
 Moses is now fixed and I would like you to do another reading to check do I need to send another picture?
 The chiropractor said that you got what was wrong with him spot on and she is going to refer some of her clients on to you, many thanks
H. Millar-Hanna
Hi Clare!

I just want to tell how grateful I am to have crossed paths.  You made my life today!  I love my girl so so much!  I took her to the acupuncture this morning and guess what!!!  The chiropractor was there which was rare cause she's usually booked and only comes twice per month....she just happened to have time when we were there!!  Isn't that awesome!!!!  Ginger had work done & she was so specific what she told you that the Dr was able to find all the issues!!!  My girls whole demeanor is happy happy happy now!!!  I just can't believe how quickly things shifted for her!  You are amazing!  I want to give you the biggest hug ever!!!  We both love you!!!  I'm hoping to set up time for Charlie - gingers BFF....haha!!!!  Sending you love and light!!!

Kim & Ginger
Xoxo USA May 2016

Thanks for the Ruby Diaries today Clare - it blew my mind - so accurate - I have just finished massaging Rube's shoulders and put an upturned recycling box under the big window in the hope she'll use it as a step when she jumps.  I have also moved her food but I think that threw her a bit!  Will see how it goes. 
If you're having any more chats will you ask her to stop clawing the carpet around the scratch pole!
LYL - and thank for listening - to both of us!  Hxx
From the day you visited Monty has only had a couple of soft poos, the rest have been solid.  Its amazing, and he's been really calm and peaceful at home.  He used to walk around looking for trouble and picking on certain cats. 
M. (feline friends fosterer)
First of all thank you so very much! I am still dumbfounded by it all. I know you won't be surprised by this but when I got home she had already let herself out the cat flap. I checked and checked and she definitely wasn't in and then I tied the flap open and she walked in about 10 minutes later.
I will let you know what else happens but I was very polite to her!
LOL J xxx
Thanks Clare for your help- just knowing he was still alive was comforting for everyone even if he hadn’t been found. O.P.
Fizzy is so much calmer and is being more inquisitive than she has been.  She has not been dashing through for food or leaping onto the unit as though she had been starved for weeks!  It is wonderful. 
Jessica although she appeared relaxed  is definitely calmer.  She is not eating so much or dashing through for food the minute I stand up.  She is actually leaving food in her bowl. It is wonderful.  She actually went out into the garden and had a mooch about last week.
Sophie is still scratching her inside legs and under her chin. She seemed better for a few days but had started again to scratch.
Thank you so much for the help you have given us with our precious cats D&G. L
I thought you would be pleased to hear that Dexter has made MASSIVE improvements.  He hasn't had a single episode of anxiety in front of strangers for a couple of weeks now, we can hardly believe the difference.  Whether it is because someone listened to him or we just took charge, we're not sure, but whatever it is we really think he is well and truly on the road to a full and normal life - yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!  We couldn't be more pleased.  He feels very connected to us and we to him.  He is happy, settled and doesn't seem anxious at all when out and about, although still eating grass and running off, he does always come back and permanently 'checks' me when we are out.  Life is much better.  I thought you would like to know.  Rest assured though, that I will be in touch again as and when we have any other unanswered questions!  Take care, keep up the good work!
Best wishes,
Sue B xx
Hi Clare,
To be honest with you, Im still AMAZED!!! at what you told me about Jay. I wrote some of the things down that you were saying, and keep looking at them thinking OMG. Started cooking her some chicken after we spoke, and she jumped straight up on the side sniffing. lol. I spent most of last night worrying that she might say something like, " I dont like my human family" But im so glad she didn't... I sat with Jay for ages after we had spoke, and thank you kept coming into my head. So im hoping Jay is saying thank you to you for your amazing work. If she didnt thank you when you spoke to her, I would like to say it for her.
Best wishes
Mazonne and the wee zoo!! Oct 08
Dear Clare
POPPY IS BACK!!! I got a call last night from a family living close by who said she'd been hanging around in their garden for a while, living under their barbecue!! We set up a trap and she went in for some tasty fish within a few hours. Although not everything was absolutely spot on, a great deal of what you told me was correct and I'm incredibly grateful to you for your kindness and for encouraging me to keep searching close by. She was to the back and to the right in relation to our back garden, just as you said.
It's also strange because when she left she was your average timid feral cat. Now she's back, she won't leave me alone and is letting me hold her and cuddle her. It's quite wonderful. I really believe that she heard what you told her about how much we love her. That's the only explanation I can think of for her absolute delight in being back and her outpouring of love for us now.
A lovely story, don't you think?
Best wishes
Amanda xx Feb 09
We were both quite upset and happy about the other night, upset because of the final days of helplessness and sadness and also happiness for the insight you gave us into his character.  There were so many things that were obviously Max, it seemed we wanted to know so much more.  We are looking forward to your written transcript. 
Do you remember the bit you mentioned that he said he would send a feather?  I didn’t take too much notice at the time but on Wednesday lunchtime I happened to be standing at our office door and there was a white feather just beyond the snow near to our door.  This I must admit was very freaky (in a nice way).  There were no other feathers around the area (because I checked, I must have looked rather strange walking around stooped looking at the pavement).
Mario & Linda  Feb 09
I took your advice about talking to Toffee and emphasising that although she could smell my cats, there was no way they would be coming into her home ( the only time she will have to meet them is if anything happens mum, then Toffee comes to me).
She now waits on mum's knee to see who is coming in the door, and if it
is me she will stay where she is and meow at me - with kisses!. Also, she is now less afraid to cross the floor past me and will even let me stroke her, so that's amazing progress.
All in all I think the suggestions you made about treating Toffee are working, so thank you for your help.
A.B.  Feb 09
I was going to e-mail you actually to let you know that I spoke to my Mam about the brightly coloured bunch of flowers that Rosie had mentioned to said you thought they were possibly daisies or crysanthemums....well, it happens that my Mam was given a bunch of flowers off her neighbour when we lost Rosie....a mixed bunch of daisies and chrysanthemums all brightly coloured!!
How bizarre!!
LR Feb 09
My sister may be contacting you about her bird. I've given her your website. She is on the fence about AC, but when I told her that you had identified Lapis when I had not told anyone I even had cats, that gave her goosebumps.
Thank you so much for doing what you did. I feel better about it and I'm sure my emotional state plays into all of this as well. I'll let you know how everything works out. I really appreciate your work.
AR March 09
We've had progress since your sessions with the girls. Only one middle 
of the night fight since then. And today, a neighbor knocked on the 
door and no fights. Lots of barking, but no aggression. So that has 
been wonderful. It seems like the fear aggression has stopped.
AR April 09
I just want to thank you so much for communicating with Storm and for chatting with me this morning, I was totally amazed by all that you told me, it all made so much sense, particularly all the bits about her illness and how she hid it and soldiered on to have more time with me and avoid medication and treatment, it really would have been very typical of her.
After chatting with you I went to the dog pound  after speaking with Storm for guidance.  I took the German Shepherd I'd met up there on Tuesday out for a walk, she was so soft, gentle and loving and I just absolutely loved her, in my heart it felt so right, that Storm had led me there. So I have decided to take her and I pick her up tomorrow morning at 10am.
Many many thanks Clare, I finally feel at peace after our chat and I now have some closure. I will never forget Storm and I dont think she'd ever let me, she was more than just a dog, she was an extension of me.
Keep up the good work.
With Love and a big thank you
Gale xo 
GK May 09
I thought you gave an exceptional amount of time with the reading and on the phone
JJ June 09
Hi Clare,
Wow!  I'm amazed at what you picked up.  Violet does have a problem with
her lower spine (her pelvis was broken as a kitten due to mistreatment
by previous owners) and this has caused chronic constipation problems
throughout her life!  I have actually wondered about her back recently -
she sometimes has difficulty getting her back legs under her to get up
(over the past few days, but I've just put this down to her being
exhausted due to her breathing difficulties).  I've also noticed (again,
I put it down to her current condition) that her breath is particularly
bad just now, and when she was eating the other day, she was dribbling
food out of the right of her mouth!
Thanks so much for your help and kindness,
JW July 09
Just wanted to say such a big thankyou to you for all your help and expertise you are a truly amazing lady. Lucy has been so much brighter and happy. We've been playing and she's been growling and doin' her happy prance!
SB Oct 09
Thanks again so much and good luck with all your work. I think you are doing an amazing and wonderful thing. 
Best wishes
Kim x Dec 09
Mr Ted is back!!!!
He sneaked under a neighbour's decking yesterday (I think he'd had enough of his big adventure), which we then had to stake out for hours with a cat trap. Eventually he succumbed and he's now sleeping for England in his little bed.
Thank you so much for your help and support. You have a very comforting way at such times.
Very best wishes for 2010.
Amanda, Lee and Mr Ted (and Poppy, Frankie and Rosie) xxx Jan 10

Hi Clare. 
Thank you so much for the reading yesterday it was really lovely and has made me feel so much better about Phoebe's passing. 
Cheryl. x
I am pleased to report that Tia has been brilliant since you spoke to her.  She now comes straight back to me when I call her.  She even turned around and ran straight back to me when she was chasing another dog accross the field!
VA March 10
From a photograph of my dog,Coco, and with no previous conversation with me, Clare told me: "Coco showed me a blue plastic bed all chewed round the edges.
"She said 'That was my favourite bed and now I sleep on a cloth.'
Spot on. Coco's bed went the journey because it was chewed to bits. Seems like I'll have to get her another one.
And when I took Coco to see Clare, she certainly straightened her out, showing me a problem I didn't know she had – a strained hip muscle causing a twist in her back. As Clare stroked her healing hands over Coco's back, she flopped in a heap, asleep on the floor, quite zonked out by the Reiki. Then she stretched to her full length, gave a deep sigh of satisfaction.
Impressed, I couldn't help laughing with Clare, who told me what Coco was thinking: "I don't like you laughing at me when my health is involved."
I certainly see my dog through fresh eyes now. L.C.  First published in the Sunderland Echo 2/4/08
I have included this testimonial in its entirety because it made me laugh so much! If you are based outside the UK I apologise - perhaps try reading it á la Billy Connolly?
Hullo there! Ma name is Angus Webster and I was born in  West Lothian          Scotland. Ah lived in a less than salubrious area but life wis OK.  That is, until  one  day  when I came back hame. Ah couldnae get in the hoose -everybody had moved oot and left me .  I wis scared stiff.  After a few  months of living rough Ah got a bad injury on the back of ma neck and couldnae fend for ma self so, boy, wis Ah fair pleased when I wis taken in by the Cats Protection.  They helped tae get me back on ma feet and then they put me up fur adoption. Ah've got a brilliant hoose now wae ma mum and dad  and Ah've moved to Ayrshire.   But, Ah wis having  a "wee" problem indoors - get it???  Ma mum wis at her wits end wae me. The hoose wis like a sauna wae the carpet steamer gaun full  blast behind me.  No tae mention the effect on her Chinese rugs!  Ma mum wis buying books on 'Cat Behavioural Problems' as if they wur gaun oot o'fashion, but they didnae help me much. Then, one day she found Clare's web site-and she's ma shrink now ! Ma mum sent ma photograph tae Clare and, one night, when I wisnae expecting it, she got in touch wae me and we hid a long chat.  It fair helped  tae get everything aff ma chest.  Ma mum and dad understand me much better now. Ah'm no jist perfect yet because Ah still leave the occasional 'proof of ma tenancy' but Ah'm definitely getting there, so Ah am. Then, there wis another minor difficulty - the other  two rats in the hoose.  Ooops.. sorry - the other two CATS in the hoose.  Ah jist didnae like them one bit and Ah took every  opporchancity tae let them know how Ah felt!  The place wis a war zone!  It wis all  too much fur ma mum - she wis stressed tae bits wae us but Ah've got to admit that it wis me that stirred things up. The other two jist sat aboot and gloated when they got kissed and cuddled - yuch!   Especially, that big Manx Cat - and he disnae even have a  tail!  (Ah  wis really jealous but Ah pretended that Ah wisnae.) Ah'm  pleased tae report that the  situation has  greatly improved and Ah only occasionally box their ears  tae remind them that Ah'm the boss wae nae offence meant - honest!  Clare's made a big difference tae me and Ah fair appreciate it.  Ah think she's brilliant and Ah wid gie her a reference ony day.  In fact, during oor chat Ah told her that "she's no bad fur a wee sassenach." But - does anybody oot there know why she refers tae me as Rab C Nesbit?   Answers on a post card please and Ah'll send ma photie tae the winner! Ah need a bit of attention fae ma mum now, so Ah'll pretend that Ah'm gaun tae throw-up next tae her best silk flower arrangement and she'll be here at 50 mph - tee,hee,hee!  Here goes - choke! choke! choke! Orraverybest everybody, Angus x .
Hello Clare,
I am writing basically to say a huge ‘thank you’. You have helped enormously, both in my understanding of my dogs and in how to handle and heal them. This is the main thing, of course. And I will always be grateful for this. I was confident, when I sensed your warmth and commitment to animals, but as the reading progressed and you provided evidential feedback, I knew that I could trust your competence above and beyond what I would ever have believed possible. You are literally ‘out of this world’!
I do not need proof of psychic phenomena, as such. I do believe that it is possible for certain gifted people to communicate with animals. But most, I am sure, speak in generalities about character traits. I could myself, even, (fraudently!) supply a reasonable cold reading of a Jack Russell Terrier and a Belgian Shepherd. But even your character analysis went so far beyond this. You dealt with specifics and even reported back to me on their family dynamics and what had actually been said.
I was quite unaware that I repeatedly crooned to Sascha (the shepherd) that she was my ‘special girl’ when cuddling her. She is, as she is my only one. You had told me that Arthur (Jack Russell) complained that he could not always get to me as my ‘special girl’ was in the way and she prevented him. It was only afterwards when I was with her and saying this that the words struck a chord and I realized what he had been meant!
On another occasion you told me that Arthur complained to you that his ‘pinkie claw’ on the left was fizzing. As we were discussing a more serious matter at the time I had not bothered to mention that he had had an ongoing problem with this, arising from a split to the claw. The vet is sequentially cutting it back to allow it to grow naturally again. On the last occasion, just before our conversation, he had slightly nicked the quick.
Even such things were not as mind blowing as your body scans. You picked up that Arthur seemed to have a ‘tummy tuck’ and he had had recent stomach surgery. And then, as he stood in front of me, you told me things that I did not even see and I was looking at him! You mentioned that one front leg was slightly shorter than the other. It was only then that I noticed this and then you went on to say that he had uneven muscular development in his back legs as a result of this. I had to go and stand over him to check this out and, again, you were quite right!
I was already a believer but I could never have imagined this kind of specificity or such unequivocally factual feedback. I am still in a mild state of shock!
More importantly, I have been able to put all your wise advice to work and feel sure that we are all better for it. I do not know how to say thank you enough for being so marvellous and yet so available still to ordinary pet owners.
Please use this feedback in any way. I am happy to do any small thing to help give newcomers confidence to consult you. They can do no better thing for the sake of their animals!
A.L. March 2013
Clare, thank you for another beautiful reading. It still makes me laugh and cry in equal measures when I read it back - I'm so moved by what my mouse chose to share, and the narrative and detail is unmistakably him! It's wonderful to hear I'm doing the right things for him, and also to gain new insights into what's important and comforting from his perspective. As always, I'm so grateful to you for helping him to hear and be heard. Thank you for passing on such special words, and I'm not surprised he thought he might just love you - he definitely saw another angel that day. I'd recommend your readings to anyone!
A.W. May 2013

The difference in Ben has been incredible since you spoke to him, I couldn't quite believe it as Ive never been much of a believer in 'Spiritual' works.  We have really gelled once again, we do as all people do have our odd bad day, but he is so much happier within himself, no more tantrums around the yard.   Since speaking to him his results with his eventing have improved triumphs!

We had his teeth done, and there was a little hook catching on the inside of his teeth like you said, nothing bad, wouldn't cause most horses any problems but we know he is very sensitive. He also had his back done and his pelvis was again rotated to the right, which caused his spine to be slightly out of alignment.


B & K

As an event rider animal communication has always been something I haven’t greatly believed in. If a problem occurs, I tend to go straight towards the horses physiotherapist, chiropractor, vet, dentist or generally buying a new bit or piece of tack. With Ben, I had spent months and months trying to source the problem, spending an absolute fortune on trying to find out what was the matter and where we had gone wrong.
Ben’s main issue was he was very panicky and stressed in the show jumping ring, he wouldn’t concentrate and just wanted to get it over and done with in his own manner at his own pace,  arguing, making it difficult for me to ride him and often ended up with faults in each round, when he had more than enough ability to jump around clear and he would generally work himself right up.
I was also having issues with catching him in the field (he had always been fine to catch in the 18 months I had owned him) but just one day he changed and I could barely get near him in the field, he wouldn’t catch for weeks on end totally out of the blue, and when I did eventually catch him and tie him up in the yard he would be constantly agitated, walking around, pulling, wouldn’t settle and on a few occasions actually started bucking against the wall. It caused our relationship to just deteriorate, to the point riding him or sorting him out was a chore, I just didn’t enjoy it anymore where it was no longer worth it.

As a last resort I contacted Clare, recommended by a friend. I cannot thank Clare enough, she honestly transformed Ben. Her conversation with Ben welled me up with tears (and still does to this day). It was very spooky and surreal how every detail she mentioned was correct, when all I had given her was a few basic details and a headshot of him. 

The day after she spoke to Ben, he was a totally different horse. Infact, he came galloping across the field to see me for days on end, I could tie him up in he yard and he would go to sleep, quiet as a lamb. The biggest change was his way of competing. Although in the ring he would still feel a little worried and daunted, the following two British Events we entered Ben in, he tried his absolute heart out, he has never jumped so phenomenally int he two years I have owned him. I could tell he was a little nervous, but he packed it all away and most importantly listened to me and we came back with a 10th from Eden Valley, and a joint 1st Place (dropped to second), on a fantastic double clear with an incredible dressage score too.

Clare was also incredible through the fact that she managed to pick up on a teething problem to the exact side of his mouth, to the exact same tooth he was having problems with earlier in the year, to a previous problem of his pelvis tipping to the right and a few minor other things, but the scary thing was Clare had no indication Ben had witnessed these problems in the past (that hadn’t been fully resolved). Sure enough I booked a dentist and chiropractor out ASAP and the problems Clare ‘claimed’ to be there, were there.

I cannot thank Clare enough, if it wasn’t for her I will have probably sold Ben by now, and we wouldn’t be standing where we are today. Thankyou once again- Kate & Ben x

Clare, thank you so much for your wonderful messages you received from my late dog, Snert. I was very distressed at having to let him go. Although he was 18 and I had to be unselfish, it hurt dreadfully, because this dog was my soul mate, which you picked up on. Yes, we were both eccentric and he was my 'brave soldier' as you had stated in your message from him. You completely captured his wonderful sense of humour and his observations about him never being treated as 'just a dog'
Snert had a withered back left leg, but he had an operation on it, which helped a little. As he got older he leaned a bit too much on the back right one. He was almost kangaroo like in his walking/running, but he never let him get down about it. Not long before his passing to spirit. I would wheel him in an old buggy to the park, lift him out, soon he became too wobbly to do that...
You were so right about Snert winning a dog show. When he was 16 he won 'Golden Oldie' at Battersea dogs reunion. He then went on to win 'Golden Oldie' at Scrufts
I wondered what Snert meant about the pills I have been taking, but it as all fallen in to place now. He has said though you, that they weren't doing me any good.
Your words from Snert really helped me come to terms with the loss of a very unusual dog. I wear a 'momento mori' with some of his ashes in around my neck and he will always be in my heart and as you put 'handsome, funny faced chappie' Thanks for everything...Tricia Ford

Thank you Clare for such a amazing and wonderful reading that you gave to me for my dog Lenny who sadly passed away. 
You picked up on so much on him and captured his personality really spot on. 
I have never felt such pain and the grief was over whelming. This is when I looked into finding someone who could communicate with animals and found your website and contacted you immediately to  arrange a reading.
Lenny my beautiful Newfoundland  was a very happy and loving dog. During the reading you mentioned that Lenny spoke about his expressional  eyes and how he could communicate to me just by looking at me which was so true of Lenny. We often said he almost human like. 
You spoke of Lenny saying that he would leave signs to my daughter that would be messages from him when she saw pink fuchsia butterflies.  The very next day we saw fuchsia butterflies like Lenny had said which was very comforting.   You said that Lenny had told you he loved cuddly toys which he always did and there is no way you could have known these things about him. 
 You mentioned that Lenny spoke of the lovely friendship that he had with our other Newfoundland which was is very true. Letting us know that Lenny is still around us is very comforting and reassuring and we are very grateful for this. 
Kind regards
Kim and family (July 2014)

"Dear Clare, My first impression of you over the phone was that you are a lovely genuine animal loving lady. The reading you gave me for my beloved cat not only sounded somehow like him - including spot on personality description of him -it also made more sense than any other reading I have EVER had. It filled me with joy, peace and hope. And most importantly, it just felt right. I would like to say BIG WARM THANK YOU Claire-for your time, effort and honesty. I would also highly recommend your CD of animal communications to anyone, as it's one of the best meditations I have ever listened to. To be honest, you are my big inspiration and I can only hope that one day I will be able to communicate with animals as well as you, too. Thank you again & Best wishes xx "
Kind regards and much love

Anna x (Sept 2017)
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